Sponsorships for a project

Do you care about mature Christianity and sustainable development? With a Wycliffe project sponsorship, you can invest in these very goals and support our core purpose: that language communities flourish and overcome life’s challenges because they have access to the Bible and education in their heart language.

There are more and more qualified people in the countries where we are working. With a vision for multiplication, we want to show solidarity with local professionals and organizations and financially support their efforts so that they can reach their full potential and are not hindered by insufficient resources.

Within the framework of a project sponsorship, you have the opportunity to be on the road with a language community on a longer-term and regular basis.

In concrete terms this means:

  • You inform yourself about possible projects (for example on the website).
  • You choose one that you would like to support regularly.
  • You contact us via our website, by e-mail to projects@wycliffe.ch or by phone, 032 342 02 84.
  • You determine with which amount and in which intervals you want to support the project.
  • Depending on the project, you will receive information about the progress of the project two to four times a year.
  • If you wish, you can get in touch directly with the project leaders on site, e.g. by participating in a Zoom talk or as part of a project trip planned by our project office .


We look forward to hearing from you! (E-Mail) (Form)