A camel race around Lake Biel

On Saturday 8th September 2018, about 45 bikers and hikers took part in the sponsored tour bike+hike4bibles. (With the bike it takes about 3 hours, a camel would be 3 times slower!) The weather was ideal: beautiful sunshine, yet not too hot. After the bike ride or hike there was an Indian rice dish served at the Robert-Walser-Platz behind the Biel train station, followed by coffee and cake.

Thanks to the many sponsors, about 10 000 francs were raised. This money will contribute to printing the Chadian Arabic Bible, so that the Chadian Arabs can buy the Bible at a lowered price.

The consultant of the translation project was present and reported about the work. He briefly described the team members  with their different skills and how each contributes to the quality of the translation. The consultant himself specializes in Hebrew and thus ensures that the translation of the Old Testament is reliable.

Like for the New Testament, which was published in 2013, two editions of the Bible are planned: one in Latin script for those who can read French, and one in Arabic script for Muslims who already know it from the Koran.

The translators are in the final stages; Isaiah, Ezekiel and some of the Minor Prophets still require reviewing. The goal is to start typing and printing at the beginning of 2019.

The Swiss Bible Society collaborated with Wycliffe Switzerland for this sponsored tour.