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Dorothy’s story

A simple gathering, like attending a literacy class, can sometimes be a source of unexpected riches for the soul.

Dorothy had turned her back on God when her husband died several years ago and she no longer attended church services. She was one of nine women who attended the initial Owa Bible based literacy class in 2012 held in Gupuna village on Santa Anna island, of whom six were trained to become literacy teachers themselves. These women then held classes, teaching other women and young girls how to read and write in their own language, Owa.

The body of Christ prayed for Dorothy that as she attended these Bible based literacy classes she would learn how to read the Owa language Bible and draw near to God again.

Three churches were represented in this training class and there the six teachers were trained in how to teach Owa Bible based literacy classes to youth and adults. Dorothy had never been to school before and could not read or write at all but she willingly attended every class.

Among the students who participated in the training, Dorothy was very keen to learn to read. She showed the most progress out of all the students who attended the literacy class.

As she began to read for the first time in her life, the Word of God led Dorothy to experience the loving and healing power of God. Dorothy shared with a huge smile, “I can read now! When I read my Bible in my own language I understand it and it really speaks straight into my life. Now I have given my life to God and I go to church”.

Dorothy said reading her Owa language Bible every night helps her learn many things that she never knew were in God’s Word. It led her into amazing new discoveries about God and the things that He can do in the lives of those who believe in Him. The truth from God’s Word is a treasure that she can now pass on to other Owa speakers.