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The Bible in action

The Scriptures have been translated into thousands of the world’s languages. In many cases, the people speaking those languages have also been taught to read in their mother tongue – with the result, technically, that they can read the Bible in their own language. But merely reading is not enough. A person needs to know how to use the Bible to catalyze life changes, much as one needs to know the use of a tool in a workshop in order to turn out a desired product. This is where the ministry of Scripture Use, in connection with Bible translation, is so important.

Scripture use is more than merely reading the Bible with comprehension. There are so many ways in which the Scripture can and should be applied to life – in all areas of life. Scripture use is about unlocking possibilities for people. It is about taking many different approaches employing many different media with many different partners: through chronological Bible storying, dramatized audio recordings and film. It is about applying the truths and principles of Scripture to real life situations: healing the trauma of war; dealing with HIV/AIDS, health, relationships, personal and church growth. It is about creativity: music and drama used for worship in appropriate cultural forms.

(from wycliffe.net)