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Medicine for a Broken Heart

The Congo River at sunset in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In 1997, Pastor Calliste and Fransisca Duabo suffered an unimaginable loss: all three of their children died from malaria in the same week.

Devastated, they asked how God could possible allow this to happen. Their church told them that “true pastors don’t cry.”

“People who were supposed to comfort us from the church, they turned against us,” says Calliste. “I felt really forsaken by God and that God stopped loving me.”

Five years later, the couple was introduced to a book that changed their lives, Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help. The book has been used in workshops around the world to help people find healing through the Bible and mental health principles.

After attending trauma healing workshops, Calliste and Fransisca found the deep healing they needed. Now, they teach others that, no matter what loss they have experienced, there is healing through Jesus.

“This course of trauma healing is like medicine that healed my broken heart,” says Fransisca. “Now that I am healed, it’s time for me to bring it to the oppressed.”

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Photo: Marie Frechon/UN Photo| Words: Elaine Bombay