Johann Alberts

Papua New Guinea


Member care with SIL (70%), support of the Onobasulu project (30%)


Johann studied at the STH Basel and graduated with a Master of Theology. Afterwards he was pastor in the Chrischona church in Romanshorn (Switzerland) together with his wife Antonia for 24 years.
From 2015 to 2020 they lived and worked together in Papua New Guinea. Now that they live in Switzerland again Johann is staying connected with the translation project of the Onobasulu language group as an exegetical advisor. The plan is to travel to PNG once a year for about a month to work with the translation team since the Onobasulu live in such isolation that collaboration via the internet isn’t possible. The team had hoped to complete the entire New Testament in 2025, but COVID has pretty much shaken up the original plans here.
Johann also works 70% in staff care with our partner SIL in Eurasia.


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