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Lars and Randi Gunnarsson



Lars: IT specialist, Bible translation software / unfoldingWord

Randi: Member Care


1990-2016: Technical service with Christian media worldwide (Africa, Europe, Middle East and beyond), sent out by ERF Switzerland
2016-2022: IT specialist for various Christian missionary services (main focus Africa)
Since 2022: IT specialist for Bible translation software for unfoldingWord - in cooperation with Wycliffe

1982/1984: Bible school at YWAM in USA and Switzerland
1987-2022: Nursing specialist HF, Switzerland and Norway

Member-Care for Wycliffe Switzerland since 2023

God's Word has transformed our lives. So we want to be a part, together with all who want to join us, to end Bible poverty in our own lifetime.

We are very grateful that through our ministry at Wycliffe we are able to support Bible translators in the following two areas:
- Colleagues from Switzerland who are now working abroad (Randi)
- Many local people who translate into their own heart language and need technical help (Lars)

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Rom 10:15

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