Peter and Mirjam Wilburg



Director of Wycliffe Switzerland (Peter)

Member care; events (Mirjam)


I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Switzerland in August 2009, where my wife and I met.
God’s love changed my life and I remain an inspired follower of Jesus Christ. At home, we make our own sausage, cheese, bread, jams and dried meat. As often as we can, my wife and I go “treasure hunting” at local flea markets or second hand shops. We cherish times as a family, with friends and in God’s beautiful creation. My main passions include the Bible, unreached peoples and an authentic life in communion with God and His people.
In autumn 2017 I finished an MA in missiology (Bible and Mission). The theme of my thesis was “The influence of praying the Psalms on family life in a local church community”. I almost never get bored :-)

Trained Architect and Restaurant Manager.
I have worked in Wycliffe's personnel department since 2016. I love being hospitable, making old things new, and generally being creative. I also enjoy travelling and being outdoors. Everyday work around the house is part of the way I relax.


Home-made sausages

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