A Worldwide Prayer Chain

Packed into a small apartment outside of London, England, a group of Romanians lift up their fellow countrymen and women serving in Bible translation around the world. As they stand in a circle, they begin praying out loud. What at first may seem like a chaotic display is in fact a community of brothers and sisters joining their voices together, crying out to the God who hears each prayer.

“God, this year I want to do something…not spend money on just myself or on my family. I want to do something more.”

Over time, the women wanted to become more intentional and involve others. The group began with five members and soon expanded as more Romanians began attending. On average, 15 women and men now participate in the prayer group. This tight-knit group knows they are a part of a movement far beyond the walls of this small living room.end money on just myself or on my family. I want to do something more.”

That was Magdalena Denuta’s prayer several years ago when she and her Romanian friends living in London decided to make an impact on the ministries of their fellow Romanians serving in Africa. They talked and decided to gather to pray every Wednesday evening.

“I think God has a great plan for Romanians because we are all over the world,” says Lidia.

Even though they live far from their home country, the Romanian prayer group in London has felt a powerful connection and meaningful participation with Bible translation through Wycliffe Romania’s prayer materials and social media posts.

“God is working through prayer groups,” says Ruben Dubei, Wycliffe Romania’s Director. “God is speaking to them about the need for mission work. So, beside the fact that they are supporting us [financially], they also pray for us, which is very important.”

“God works amazingly, especially through prayer,” he says. “We don’t even know how many people are praying for us or how many groups are praying, but we are very privileged. Sometimes we wonder why the work is going well and we don’t have big problems, but there are people behind us praying for us…”