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As an accountant

Simon is a young insurance salesman. Two years ago, he spent several months as a financial mentor in East Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya). How did he experience that time?

The weeks were extremely exciting. Two highlights were certainly the two dedication ceremonies of the New Testaments in the Logoti and Mayogo languages. But there was also a lot of work. I discussed a lot of theory with the African co-workers, had to improve a lot of things, often had to keep my nerve and show patience. It was not always easy. The cultural differences are huge. But it was nice to see how seriously the staff took everything I taught them. I could pass on a lot and, conversely, I learned a lot from them. I was especially happy to see how people opened their hearts to me. They became my friends. I felt during this time that I was in the right place.

Even today, Simon often thinks about his assignment in Africa. His conclusion: Such a mission changes your life! Don’t be afraid of the unknown, because God is with you and will never lose sight of you.

These short term internships are possible all the time (at least in normal circumstances), in various areas, especially in Africa and Asia.