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Why this training?

Wycliffe Switzerland supports the Theological College in Northern Nigeria. What are the benefits of this training?

A student of the Theological College of Northern Nigeria:

The education here at the school challenges me academically and spiritually. The spiritual is the bridge to the academic. I’m learning not only theory but also practice: I was able to do 1:1 fieldwork in the Jenjo language and discover new things. I’ve never been able to do that so concretely! The modest knowledge I gained from this now serves as a “reference book” for other interested Jenjo speakers! I also had the opportunity to give a talk about it at the 10th birthday of the Linguistics Circle in Jos.

I am learning an enormous amount at this university. The lectures and the exercises are very useful. The translation principles I have learned enable me to be of help to the translation team even now, still in the middle of my training. The Jenjo team does not hesitate to contact me if there are any questions about translation. I am present for drafts and proofreading within the team, I help with the interpretation of difficult Bible passages, and I check the texts myself under the guidance of an experienced consultant.


Othaniel, a Jenjo speaker himself, achieved a bachelor’s degree and added a master’s in language description and development. His goal is to continue working on the Jenjo team and later teach at the university.