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FAQ about finances

Responsible use of donations

The Code of Honour Foundation‘s independent quality label attests to the quality of the work carried out and the responsible use of the donations received.

What assurance can I have that Wycliffe is using donations correctly?

Wycliffe has signed the Code of Honour of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance. This quality label commits the signatory to a responsible use of donations received. The implementation of the rules is checked annually.

Are donations to Wycliffe tax deductible?

Unfortunately not. The tax authorities of the Canton of Berne have revoked the charitable status of Wycliffe Switzerland. This revocation was confirmed by the Administrative Court of the Canton of Berne.

Wycliffe Switzerland will of course remain a non-profit organisation.

Will I automatically receive a donation certificate?

You will automatically receive a certificate for your donations in January of the following year.

Will I receive a letter of thanks after each donation?

  • Donations for coworkers: all coworkers receive a monthly statement of account with the names, addresses and amounts of donations designated in their favour. Each individual member will personally thank their donors, usually on an annual basis.
  • Donations for Wycliffe in general and/or for projects: we would like to thank you for each donation. For donations of CHF 20 or more, we will send you a monthly letter of thanks. If you do not wish to receive a thank-you letter, please let us know briefly.


A bequest gives you the opportunity to support someone who has been close to your heart during your lifetime, even after your death. A holographic will is the simplest and most commonly used way of bequeathing a sum of money or an object of value to an institution such as Wycliffe. As the author of the will, you can inform the beneficiary organisation that it will receive a legacy during your lifetime. However, this is not compulsory. It is better to formulate the use of the bequest in general terms to avoid deadlock. Wycliffe Switzerland has produced a brochure to provide more details (available from the secretariat).

If you have any further questions or messages, we will be happy to help.