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A bequest allows you to provide for the things that were important to you during your life, even after your death. A holographic will is the simplest and most commonly used form of bequeathing a certain sum of money or an object of value to an institution such as Wycliffe. As the author of the will, you can inform the beneficiary organisation that it will receive a legacy during your lifetime. However, this is not compulsory. It is better to formulate the use of the legacy in a general way to avoid deadlock.

There are several options:

  • Bequests with no defined purpose (or “for Wycliffe in general”, or “most urgent needs”) are particularly useful to us. We can commit them where they are most needed at any given time.
  • Bequests with a general purpose, e.g. for translation, literacy or work in a particular country, can in principle be allocated according to the designation if projects exist in the areas or countries mentioned.
  • Legacies can be established for a specific project. It may be that the project mentioned has been completed by the time the bequest is received. In this case, the bequest will be allocated to a similar project.

A brochure will give you more details (to be ordered here), and if you are interested, you can contact us by e-mail or by telephone on 032 342 02 45. Someone from our Finance Office will be happy to answer your questions.

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