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The remaining 7 in Mali



seven different languages


Total ca. 60'000


85% Muslims, 13% traditional religions, 2% Christians


either no, or very few, translated Scripture portions

Since the end of the 1970’s, translation projects were started in a majority of the country’s language communities, with only seven languages left.

The peoples

These people groups mainly live on agriculture and cattle breeding. The closer the plantations are to the desert, the more uncertain the harvests are. They all (except one) live in very dangerous areas that are currently inaccessible to foreigners.


At the moment, these language groups suffer a lack of security and peace in their areas. This makes it all the more important to have stories of the Bible in their languages that convey hope and true peace. Where translation is already taking place, careful clarification of the respective orthography is necessary.

Achieved so far

At the beginning of 2018, three persons committed to collecting information about the population and linguistic data. In August 2018, they began inviting Christians inside and outside the country to pray for the 7 ethnic groups. In the summer of 2019, all the information was compiled into a report.

A financial partner then agreed to fund various areas of work beginning in October 2019.


First of all, to raise the interest of the 7 ethnic groups in their own languages and in the translation of the Bible. The needs of each ethnic group must be clarified.

  • People group 1: Language analysis and spelling
  • People group 2 (many Christians): Clarification of an oral Bible translation for the time being; realization of workshops (Jesus film, Christian songs).
  • People groups 3 and 4: work on the orthography of the respective languages.